Does your district need an update?

Districts are filled with professional people, working with highly educated people, to help younger people.

Most are well-intentioned desiring only what is best for those under their supervision or care. Even so, personal responsibilities amidst the unpredictable and mounting daily demands of functioning within the systems set in place can be overwhelming. To cope, some begin working in a silo. Others become hyper focused on the task at hand. A few may become disgruntled or negative. All of this trickles down to the students who come to school hoping to find personal fulfillment in a day well lived.

It is said that without a vision the people will perish.

Gifted Education Consultants can help you design or clarify and revamp your schools, programs, and offerings for the gifted students you serve.​​

District Level Planning


With existing programs, Gifted Educational Consultants can help you...

  • Evaluate program efficacy
  • Monitor program implementation
  • Maintain gifted student database
  • Track numbers of students tested & identified
  • Ensure ethnic representation 
  • Monitor students' academic achievement
  • Document professional development
  • Use parent, teacher, and student survey results