Professional Development Categories

  1. Active Engagement Strategies

  2. Affective Domain Needs of the Gifted

  3. Assessment Rollercoasters- Time to Get Off.

  4. Beyond Fiction

  5. Building a Gifted Resource Site

  6. Cluster Grouping Model

  7. Common Core and our Gifted Learners

  8. Critical and Creative Thinking in Today’s Classroom

  9. Curriculum Mapping

  10. Depth and Complexity:  It’s for Everyone

  11. Differentiation in the Mixed Ability Classroom

  12. Differentiation-an Everyday Event

  13. Document Based Questioning Strategies to Move Students

  14. Identification Practices, Purposes, and Planning

  15. Formative and Summative Assessments (used to truly drive instruction)

  16. Math Practices- Use Them to Teach.

  17. Motivating the Gifted Underachiever

  18. Nonverbal Identification of Giftedness

  19. Nonfiction- Making It Fun Again

  20. Project Based Learning

  21. Rigor is a “How” Not a “What”!

  22. Questioning:  Teaching for Questions not Answers

  23. Flexible Grouping:  For Today and Tomorrow

  24. Socratic Seminar as a Bridge for the NEW Common Core Literacy Standards

  25. Standards of Gifted Education- A Gateway to Understanding 

  26. Strategy Based Lesson Planning

  27. Strengths Based Classroom Designs

  28. Thinking- Independently, Collaboratively, and Productively

  29. Twice Exceptional Students

  30. Visual Spatial Learners

  31. Vocabulary Activities That Engage Students

  32. Writing Across Domains and Genres